Cranberry & Sunflower Seed Fall Salad & Garden Dressing

Start with a beautiful plate.  Why not?  It takes just as much time to grab a nice one than an old boring one. Use your nice things for yourself everyday.  That’s my philosophy.

All the ingredients are store bought organic or from my garden.


Romaine lettuce spread out lightly on the plate. Baby spinach leaves are really good w/this too.

Dried cranberry or any dried fruit that you really like or have in the pantry.

Sunflower seed.  Roasted salted or raw.

Shredded carrot.  The size of the shred matches the size of the sunflower and makes for a balanced bite.

Salt.  Lightly and evenly over the dried fruit, lettuce and carrot especially.


½ C mayo and ½ C sour cream.  Add 1 tsp vinegar, ½ tsp salt, about 2 tbl minced parsley leaf and ½ tsp dried dill.  Mix like crazy with spatula or spoon.  Ready to eat or let it set and come together in the refrigerator for an hour.  Store in a re-usable jar. Lasts about days.  This dressing is similar to ranch without having that commercial flavor or chemicals.

Parsley From My Garden



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