Make this fresh tasting slaw for a light side. Add nuts or seeds for a skinny lunch.

Kitchen and Garden Chronicles

Want to be the star at the next back yard BBQ or church potluck?  Then pair the licorice bite of Fennel with the sharp tartness of a Granny Smith or Anna Dorsett apple, with green cabbage and fresh dill.  Use  my pantry staple version of crème fraiche sauce – a fancy French name for soured milk – instead of the classic mayo, vinegar and white sugar.

Saturday morning I sampled this recipe to customers at the Farmers Market.  My friend, John Zortman, of Amish John’s Country Market, is the vendor I work with.  He allows me the creative freedom to mix and match his organic produce and create new recipes and food combinations.  Fennel is a beautiful green bulb and often over looked or underappreciated by shoppers.   Green apples on their own need a good dash of salt, a slab of sharp cheddar cheese or made into a pie.  Go…

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