Thin & Crispy Homemade Pizza

So many good options for organic toppings at John’s Amish Country, Shitake mushrooms, peppers, variety of onions, garlic and fresh herbs!

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Purchase Home Pizza Oven

Easy to make and easy on the waistline. Thin, organic, pizza’s are all the rage right now. Clever ingredients like organic fennel, farm raised and hand-made pork sausage, imported olive oil and goat cheese are appearing on trendy (expensive) menus all over Phoenix !! Well, if you want to spend less than $2.00 for a homemade, thin & trendy pizza – then you’ll love how easy this recipe is. Warning: Making dough and pizza is addicting!!! Kneading, rising and then baking them into bubbly crispy goodness is a satisfying experience.

My husband, Tom, is my personal test-kitchen assistant. He’s always ready to try one. I have quite a few “before” pictures, but “after” pictures are rare because we eat the little gems right when they’re done.

Basic Pizza Dough
2 Tb. dry yeast (or and ounce packet of cake yeast)
2 cups warm water
1-2 tsp.salt

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