Fall Garden on Blessin Farm


The weather is cool now in Arizona.  Overnight my Swiss chard sprang to life after the long summer.  It’s partially shaded all year.  This one was started from seed two years ago. The small purplish leaf in the middle of the plant is a wondering Jew vine that grows next to it.  I use vines to help create more soil, keep moisture high and dust low.  My “little-shugah” pumpkin and eggplant (seed starts) are one year old.  I’ve harvested five medium sized eggplant, a continuous and useful supply of basil, salad tomatoes, parsley and flowers. Do you recognize the scallion onions in the terra-cotta bowl pictured below?  I bought them at the Uptown Farmers Market where I chef-demo on Saturday, used them for Asian Pho soup and then planted the root ends. I kept adding more scallion roots to the pot and now I don’t need to buy them. That just gives me a thrill.

I created a unique recipe combining eggplant, garlic, tomato and raisin.  This created a savory pairing with homemade ricotta cheese.  Check out my recipe.


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