Mini-Cream Cheese Ball Hors d’eourves

img_2385Made from cream cheese and creativity for my Saturday night catering event!  Let your imagination and taste preference soar to new heights with this show stopper.  I used edible marigold flowers from my garden (the 6 shown in the center of the plate). Pansy’s would be beautiful, too.   I created 48 little cream cheese jewels using garden herbs, basic spices and pantry ingredients.

Here’s how I created them.  First, I thought about flavor combinations and took a close look at what I could use from my garden.  Then, I decided to use my mini muffin tins to organize and store them overnight.  I placed the ingredients at the bottom of each “muffin space” knowing that I would take them out and turn them upright.  Next, I rolled softened cream cheese to the size of walnuts.  No mystery here, it’s messy at first, but once your palm is coated with cream cheese, it’s pretty quick and easy to form the little nuggets. NOTE: I put a good sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt in each muffin space and did not spray coat with oil.

From left to right, I have brown sugar & apple pie spices.  From my garden, basil, parsley & marigolds.



From left to right, I have saffron & cracked black pepper, dried dill, dried cranberry, diced walnuts.


From left top to right: grape tomato, green olive & mozzarella cheese marinated in Italian season; curry chicken salad with pineapple, raisin and sunflower seed stuffed celery; cranberry curd served along with a fresh baked pound cake for desert.


I served the mini-cream cheese balls with a big tray of plain white water crackers so that each flavor could be experienced without competing with other flavors.  Saltine crackers would have been too salty and brittle.

You’ve got to try this on your own!!  The reaction when people see the beautiful little cheese balls is worth every bit of effort.  Make it your new “go-to recipe” for parties and friends.


P.S.  I’d like to thank all my new catering clients this year!  I’m having a blast creating new menus for each of you and seeing the miles of pleasant smiles when you taste my food. Thank you also for all the pie orders this year.  So far I’ve made many, including: chocolate, lemon tart, pumpkin, apple, a cranberry tart and pond cakes.



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