Springtime at Blessin Farm

It’s mid-March in Wickenburg, Arizona. Come join us and meet all our animal friends and see photos of our growing garden. Don’t miss what’s happening on the farm.

Pedicure day for our Fox Trotter, Pride. Hubby, Tom is having a great day at the office.

Sheba, our 4 year-old Mustang, drinking from a plastic Dixie cup!

Dexter is our Blue Merle Queensland & Australian Shepherd mix. He’s the horse tank, scuba diver, for sticks and balls. Very nimble athlete!! I need to post a video of that!

Here’s Red, our Border Collie and Sven, our German Shepherd Husky mix. They are keeping guard of the birds and trees.

The office mascot is Bondo, our Irish Pitbull.IMG_1496






This is Henrietta, our Red Queensland Heeler who’s 20 years old.

Look close and you’ll see a hummingbird resting in the Mesquite tree.

Humming bird in mesquite tree saguaro frame

Annabelle came out of hibernation 2 weeks ago.  Cruising around the garden and house.

AnnaBelle full body 030916
Here’s the first ripe tomato of the season. The plant is from last year. I covered them nightly and on very cold days, kept them covered!

Zucchini sprouts planted around Christmas time by my 5-year old grandson.


This is the first time I have seen a delicate yellow blossom stalk on a red cabbage plant.  This is from a cabbage I bought at the store and then planted the core 2 months ago.Red cabbage yellow flower 03082016


Want to start your own small farm?  Here’s a book to consider Buy Here


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