Napa Cabbage & Other Veggies Roasted in my Cast Iron Skillet

Today I discovered that Napa Cabbage roasts beautifully in the oven!! So does celery.   I spent most of the morning going through what was left in my fridge and washing, prepping and pairing vegetable together. Tomorrow, I teach cooking classes at the Farmers Market and needed to “do something” with the produce in the fridge from last weekend.


I started with my cast iron skillet and roasted cauliflower pieces in lime infused olive oil.  430 degrees for 15 minutes.  It’s very tasty.  While that was roasting, I spied a huge Napa cabbage.  Frankly, I had nothing in mind for it when I picked it up – but it called my name and was irresistible – so home it went.  With my skillet hot, oiled and emptied of cauliflower, I looked at the cabbage and thought about how popular roasted romaine lettuce is right now and – BINGO – I sliced it lengthwise and drizzled walnut and truffle olive oil and sprinkled salt over it.   Oven temp the same.  Roast for about 7 minutes then covered so the edges don’t burn.  Roast another 10 minutes.   Tom and I tasted the small center leaves first and were both surprised how different it tastes compared to green cabbage.  We were delighted by the buttery-sweet flavor.  Try it!!

While the cabbage was roasting I prepped celery, cut into 4” stalks, and golf ball size potatoes pieces with some skin left on.  Remember, I was clearing out the fridge so the celery was too old to eat raw and the potatoes had sprouted from every eye!  Organic produce turns very fast and that’s a good sign.  Everybody goes into the hot cast iron pan and gets rolled with a little salt, olive oil, white pepper and topped with Amish butter.  Roast for 20 minutes and then turn them in pan.  Roast until finished another 20 minutes.  Sprinkle with fresh parsley, rosemary, sage or basil.

The final produce I roasted in my well-seasoned hot pan was 2 yellow and 1 green peppers.  No oil was necessary to add.  Cut into large 2” pieces – 15 minutes or until done.  While those were roasting, I cubed a cantaloupe and froze the chunks.

Tomorrow, I’ll bring home another huge box of organic produce.  Stay tuned………..

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