Oh la-la Turkey Salade’


We buy extra turkeys after the holiday season when they go on sale for pennies on the dollar. Thankfully, we have room to fit 5 big birds in our deep freeze!  Yesterday, I cooked a 15lb one in my Nesco roaster (breast side down – on a rack keeping it up and out of the juice – salt & pepper only).  While hubby was busy separating the meat, fat and bones today, I decided to make something yummy with the white meat. I like using turkey breast over chicken because it usually stays moist longer.  I had organic celery and pecans from the Farmers Market last Saturday and a big bag of Medjool dates from Yuma.  The dates were picked within the week, candy sweet, plump and moist.  With an exciting flash of inspiration, I decided to pair the cold turkey with my Arizona grown, organic produce.


Oh la-la Turkey Salade’

In glass bowl combine ½ cup Mayo with 2 TB Dijon mustard

Lightly salt cooked, diced turkey and then work it into the bowl of Mayo/mustard mix

Dice 4 celery ribs removing strings with a peeler

Pit and dice 5 large Medjool dates

Rough chop 2/3 cup whole pecans

                *Gently stir into turkey/mayo mix



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