Grow Your Own Organic Sprouts in a Jar


Ready to eat in 9 days! The plastic sprout lids are made to fit a standard size canning jar. I purchased them and an assortment package of organic seeds on  Need a full kit including jars, lids and a wide selection of seeds?  Buy Here

1. Use the wide mesh for larger seeds and the fine mesh top for smaller seeds such as radish and alfalfa.
2. Add 1Tbl of large seeds to jar.  1 tsp for smaller seeds.
3. Add water to cover. Soak seeds for about 6 hours and drain.
4. Grow anywhere that is well lit.
5. Keep them moist but not covered in water. Rinse and drain if water looks cloudy.


Seeds  Buy Here       Plastic Mesh Jars & Lids  Buy Here



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