Pinto Beans and Peppers

Peppers and Pintos w avacado

Pass the pot of peppers and pinto beans please!!  This vegan friendly recipe is spicy comfort food – and truly at its best. I love when food that is now research-trendy and good for you actually tastes good, is easy on the pocket book and so easy to make. I used dry pinto beans, soaking them overnight (hardly counts as cooking). Any bean would taste good in this base of ingredients. So would rice or potatoes for that matter. But rice gets gummy in the fridge and potatoes require more effort for less nutrient bang for the buck. So, I make beans a lot. Soaking them in water and rinsing them clear of the soaking water removes most of the unwanted side effects, (Ehm, gas) associated with beans. I added a mashed avocado topping to offset the spicy. I hope to plant an avocado and a lemon tree on our farm this year because both are so pricey at the grocery store and I eat a lot of them. Funny side note: I left my pinto beans soaking in water for almost 2 days during the summer and they sprouted!! Yep, I planted them in the garden and they grew into mature bean plants, however the yield was low. It’s a lot easier to buy them and then glow with gratitude for our farmers.

Peppers and Pinto Beans

Night Before
Cover about 6 cups of dry beans in water and roast 6-9 Poblano green chili peppers under broiler on HI until blackened. This is as easy as burning toast! Let them cool enough to handle and pull as much of the burnt skin off and peel out the inside seed and membrane. Sometimes these are mild; however, mine were surprisingly hot. Takes about 10-15 minutes to get the fleshy green pieces separate from the rest of the pepper. It’s worth it! No chemically processed food here and the flavors are addicting. If you have time, roast a bunch of peppers and store them in little individual size servings in the freezer. Always be thinking ahead if you have a large amount of produce. Bell peppers were on sale for .48 cents each so I bough a lot, sliced them and put them into the freezer.  I’m doing the same with lemons now.
Next Day
Dice one large purple onion and place into large soup pot with 1/2 cup olive oil. Brown the onion, sprinkle with a little (1/4tsp) salt and sugar. Caramelize on low for 20 minutes or more. Don’t skip this step as it is key to adding a lot of flavor with a few ingredients. You want the onion to disappear into the thick broth not be bite size chunky. When the onion is well caramelized add 2-3 diced green bell peppers (about 6 cups) Sauté green peppers for another 30 minutes until fully incorporated. Watch the pot so nothing burns but sticks to the bottom just a little. Add roasted Poblano peppers. Great flavor is on the way!!

Add the following ingredients and bring to boil
2 cups of water
1 not-beef-bouillon cube
2 tbl dark molasses
2 tbl apple cider vinegar
1 tbl red wine vinegar
2 tbl onion powder
1 tbl garlic powder
1 tsp salt
Reduce heat and add beans and 4 cups hot water. Cover and simmer on low-medium heat until beans are tender. Taste for seasoning. If it’s to vinegary- add a pinch of sugar.

If using canned beans, simmer gently for 20 minutes and taste for salt. Word of caution: I have over salted many pots of beans through the years. The “flavor” of salt and flavorings will change over the course of a few days. I add salt to the portion of beans that I am eating at the time to avoid over -salted dishes.


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