What do Jerusalem Artichokes, Celery Root and Potatoes Have in Common?

What do Jerusalem artichokes, celery root and colorful little potatoes have in common? I purchased them all in the grocery produce section AND going to plant them in my garden. I’m experimenting somewhat with the artichoke tuber and celery root by placing them in a paper bags and in the dark for a week or so until I see signs of sprouts! I’ve done it successfully with potatoes already.

Jerusalem artichoke tuber is in the same family as the sunflower, sometimes known as Sunchoke. The site I’m choosing will be partly shaded for the Arizona summer and companion planted with beans. I looked up the harvest time and according to Maricopa County Extension charts, it’s 6-8 months. So I decided to taste the little buggers again before investing that much time and space in my garden. I’d eaten them quite a while ago and remember their nutty-sweet flavor and loved them. Recipe: Prep tuber by scrubbing and then cleaning any dark brown spots. Slice length wise and simmer in shallow salt water, not covering tubers, till tender. I prepared a mayo and fresh lemon sauce, harvested parsley and garlic greens from my garden for green flavor. Too me, they taste like a cross between a small white potato and an artichoke heart. Hence their common name Jerusalem artichoke.

I wanted the celery root so that it could continue producing leaves. Not stalks. Celery root, known as celeriac, is a different variety than the one produced for stalks. I prepped the celery root by trimming off anything that looked soft and brown, damaged or unhealthy. Then I placed it into a large jar filled half way with water. I’m preparing a mulched bed in my garden to plant it in at the first sign that the root is doing well and will continue producing leaves.


Potatoes are easy. Many of us have unintentionally sprouted them by just leaving them in a cupboard. It’s easy to slice them up leaving a good chunk according to where the root is. So I purchased this package of white, red and purple.

Garlic Greens (shoots)
Plant the tiny garlic cloves located in the center of the bulb in small pots and use them like scallion onion. Sometimes they are too much trouble to peel and slice so companion plant them and harvest like any herb or lettuce.
I promise to post updates to my progress!! Post questions or comments. I am always happy to talk about cooking and gardening. Feel free to send photo’s or recipes of your own.  Cheers!!



  1. Yes, they grow back just like lettuce, chard and scallion onions. Harvest outside shoots first. They grow well in counter top gardens, snuggled in with other herbs. I plant them where ever I have a little bare spot. I don’t have chive right now, so they’re great and easy additions.


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