My Day of Horse Training, Hand-Made Polish Sausage & Chinese Pea Planting

Introducing “SHEBA & PONCHO” the Mustang Team

My day is filled with so many things I want to share. Last night I noticed this big bag of polish sausage in my freezer. I think my sweet mother-in-law put it in there when she delivered frozen berries and smoked salmon that she passed on to us from a friend in Washington State.

I decided to thaw it overnight and today I broiled all of it in my cast iron pan. I oiled the bottom and sprayed oil on top of all the sausage before broiling them on high for 35 minutes. IMG_0899

Next, I decided to slice and freeze them in individual pieces so that I’d have them convenient for pizza, breakfast, beans and soups, and a favorite: sauteed green cabbage with apple cider vinegar. Snacking on them dipped in mustard is so good, too! I put them into a zip bag later.

Before cooking the sausage, I spent about an hour with my three horses. I have two 3-year old Mustangs that we adopted from wild herds in Nevada. We named them Sheba and Poncho.  They were 8 months old, and very wild, when they arrived at our home in Arizona. We picked them out of a small herd at our local Rodeo grounds and they were delivered the next day. From that time forward, I have gentled, coaxed, nursed back to health, befriended and asked a lot of my little youngsters. I also have a 26-year old registered Fox Trotter, Pride, who spent most of his life as a Stallion populating to countryside of Sonora, California.

“Pride” wondering why I’m on the ground in the frost!!

Today they learned to pay attention when I stand in the middle of the corral, and if they ignore me completely after about 15 minutes, then it’s time to play a game called, “Run around a lot for no apparent reason”. I retrieve my working rope from the barn and start them jogging around the corral. Gets their attention every time and then I feed them. I used to think I was training them – now I wonder sometimes if it is the other way around?

After that I planted Chinese peas, flowering purple peas and Anise Hyssop. Now is a great time for planting here. Cheers till next time!

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