Welcome Home!!

I love hearing those words! And I hope you’ll love visiting here with me. Every day, I write, cook and garden. Usually in that order, so it was no big surprise that my family encouraged me to blog about the food I make, plants I grow and the discoveries about life that I make along the way.

I have been cooking since about the age of 8. Always a curious participant in the kitchen and garden, my mom and grandmother had enough patience to let me try my hand at chopping, stirring and adding ingredients together. Gardening came a little later in life at about the ripe old age of 10. My kitchen and garden are the spaces that I really live in. Places where I can not only be myself, but also share myself. There is no limit to the creativity in cooking and the total awe inspired moment when a seed pops its little head out of the soil. I am so hooked on both and feel fortunate to spend the majority of my time doing both. My hope is to post something tasty, inspiring and affordable that you can enjoy.

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